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DHA Spray tanning based on sugar cane risk free, natural and instantaneous.

EQUIPCOSMEDIC’s commitment to the development of state-of-the-art equipment and formulations enriched with extremely high quality peptides has earned it the trust of the most prestigious medical-aesthetic centres in Europe and the USA.

Natural Sun Tanning DHA

The brand Natural Sun® by EQUIPCOSMEDIC has established itself in the world market by offering the best and most profitable UVA-free tanning system.

Natural Sun DHA Spray Tanning System

Natural Sun® is the most economical, fast and effective tanning system for a healthy and natural tan.

Natural Sun Method

Natural Sun® is a tanning method free of harmful ultraviolet “UV” rays and is developed with natural components with important moisturizing and nourishing properties that protect the skin.

Immediate tanning without risk. In a single session, the tan of a whole summer.

Number 1 in UVA-free tanning based on sugar cane, beet, aloe vera, vitamins.

Thousands of U.V.A. free tanning equipment sold worldwide.

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