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Self tan is the fastest growing beauty treatment in Spain and Portugal and it’s easy to understand why. A tan doesn’t just look healthy, glowing and youthful, it makes you feel great, too and a self tan offers a safe alternative to UV tanning.

At Natural Sun we’ve a range of options available to you so whether you own your own luxury salon, manage a destination spa, or something in between – we’ll have the right solution for you.

Tanning Equipments

The most complete range of equipments with exclusive technology and 3 years guarantee.

Natural Sun HVLP® .turbine technology is portable and practical. With exclusive temperature function – warm air for winter and cool for summer. Easy-to-use remote control accessory. 90º coverage spray gun. The best equipment in its category

Auto-tono DHA Lotions for salon treatment

Natural Sun Lotion ® DHA is the result of years of research into some of the most prestigious laboratories in the U.S. and Spain. Its formula is composed of the famous active DHA (dehidroxiacetona), from sugar cane, the erythrulose, the active ingredient from the beet, Aloe Vera and other exclusive ingredients to guarantee perfect tan and a hydration and smoothness that skin needs.

Triple Action Lotion Natural Sun ® reacts with the amino acids of the outer layer of the skin produced a sun kissed golden tan appearance.

The formula contains four agents:

1 .- An instant pigment (color guide), which provides an instant tan effect and allows you to see exactly where the product is being applied.

2 .- The active ingredient DHA (dehidroxiacetona) causes a reaction with amino acids in the superficial layer of the skin, producing an impressive tan similar to that obtained by sun but without any harmful effects to the skin. The instant bronzer can be removed eight hours later (it is soluble in water) when the DHA is absolutely absorved.

3 .- Erythrulose: also reacts with amino acids of the skin but with the function of acting in tan finish, providing super natural tone Natural Sun ® (which is not common in the self-tanning market.)

4 .- Aloe Vera moisturises and prepares the skin.

The effect of a session, it takes on average 1 to 3 minutes (face) up to 10-15 minutes (full body drying included) is very similar to tan 30 days obtained by exposure to sunlight, but without any harmful effect on skin. Triple Action Lotion Natural Sun ® is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States and the Health authorities from European community. In addition, Natural Sun AUTO-TONO® patented formula has the property to enhance the dark of each adapting to any skin tone.
It is for that and for the reasons that we report below that Natural Sun ® is awarded by the UFA (UV Free U.S. Asociation) as the best spray tanning product of the U.S.A