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If you are the director or teacher in a school of aesthetics or hairdressing and you are thinking about the possibility of imparting a course of tanning without sun dha to your students we will be able to offer you very special conditions.

In addition, the school may grant certificates and Diplomas Natural Sun Tanning DHA, as long as it meets the minimum requirements for this. (*)
From the aesthetics market we are witnessing a growing demand for professionals with specific training of the tanning dha in cabin, so there will surely be a large number of students who will be interested in the course, more and more.

We all love to look good, and that means having a healthy and attractive colour. Every day more and more people fear UVA rays, as it is public knowledge of all the ills they cause to the skin, such as premature aging, the appearance of spots, loss of elasticity and cancer. So it is proven that the best solution, and more and more people are looking for it, is the tan dha. The Natural Sun dha tan gives you a natural tan instantly, without risks, 365 days a year.

The dha tanning market is the one that has grown the most in the last two years. In addition, every day we improve our formulas and know more about application techniques of dha products, care, tips and basic rules.

Today the beauty centers are looking for beauticians who know and are well trained to tan their customers, avoiding to stop providing this fantastic service for lack of training of the professional.

(*) You can request information about the requirements in depth by contacting us at the following link

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