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As one of the first DHA tanning companies, we have been at the forefront of sunless tanning for many years and have learned some important things about how to get perfect results and feel great.

And it’s really no surprise, because all Natural Sun products have been developed with our team of expert consultants in tanning, beauty and health, and for us good results are very important.

Preparing for a Dha session in the Salon

Salon treatments for an impeccable and professional tan
Natural Sun is the first choice of top professionals as each product is created to deliver a uniform and beautiful tan, every time. For an impeccable finish there’s nothing like a professional touch – and that’s why our beauty treatments are so famous.

The Dha tanning session in your salon

The original treatment is a luxurious mime treatment lasting approximately one hour. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to prepare the skin for tanning. The beautician or professional then applies DHA lotion all over your body.

Tips for before the dha tanning session:

– The skin should be free of self-tanning lotions, perfumes, deodorants or aromatherapy oils.
– Hair removal or shaving must be performed at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
– Wear dark, loose-fitting, dark-colored underwear. Guide color can stain light hair, natural fibers, and wool.
– It is recommended that you test the patch before each treatment.

Tips for after dha tanning session:

– Do not bathe or shower for a minimum of 6-8 hours after your treatment.
– Do not engage in any activity that may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after treatment.
– The guide color can be left overnight, although it can be transferred to bedding. It will be removed by washing if it is cotton, but not so easily in synthetic fibers, artificial or wool.

And to keep the perfect tan longer:

– Apply body moisturizer daily
– Exfoliate the skin every 2-3 days to ensure even lightening of the tan
– After showering you should dry yourself with very gentle movements instead of rubbing.
– Avoid chlorinated pools that can bleach the tan

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